My passion for Carrara marble workmanship

If you have an interest or curiosity to ask, contact me

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 necklace with Carrara marble flowers

Mi piace sperimentare, provare nuove lavorazioni che possano essere realizzate con marmi da scarto,.

Nei laboratori del mio territorio, Carrara, si trovano molti scarti di varie dimensioni e spessori e ogni volta che ho in mano un  frammento la mmia mente vola a ceracre una soluzione pee potergli dare nuova vita


statuario marble flower earrings
statuario bracelet with statuario marble heart
statuario marble keychain

Who I am

I'm Tiziana and I've been passionate about arts that allow for manual workmanship since I was 12 when an old lady put the crochet hook in my hand. From that moment I learned embroidery, creating paper patterns and sewing, jewelery techniques, micromacramé, activities that became my passion and in which I applied myself as a self-taught person.

Among my various interests I have always found time to work marble with some old chisel with which an object took shape on the terrace of the house. Later I began to create small things, female busts of a few centimeters and abstract shapes. From that moment I started experimenting and I haven't stopped yet!

drawing marble jewels
 starting to produce jewels
encarving Carrara marble
marble fragments and files
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